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OKC Loud Links: Olympics Start This Weekend

The 2012 Olympics are finally upon us and hopefully Team USA is ready to go. I think we've seen enough to know what the various parts will be used for. Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony will trade off being the primary scorer, LeBron James will be the playmaker, Russell Westbrook and Andre Iguodala will be the dedicated defensive stoppers, and James Harden will sit on the bench and teach Anthony Davis how to grow a beard.

SB Nation Free Agency Stream 2012

Stay on top of all player movement and rumors by checking out SB Nation's stream throughout the day.

SB Nation NBA Summer League Stream 2012

SB Nation has the Summer League covered. Follow this stream to stay on top of all the developments.


LeBron and Durant Care More About Basketball Than Competition | HoopSpeak

Strauss looks back at the LeBron vs Durant workouts that took place last summer. We've noted those workouts numerous times, because I think it is going to be an important intersection that serves both well as their careers move forward.

Breaking Down the Schedule | Daily Thunder

Young runs through the schedule, noting his must-see games this season. Most notably, the Thunder will be on national TV 25 times this season before the playoffs even arrive.

10 Noteworthy But Not Obvious Games to Watch | Ball Don't Lie

There are a number of games worth adding to your schedule or DVR recording calendar. Hopefully the return to a normal season's pace will encourage better play as well.

Olympic Preview | Basketball Prospectus

Argentina and Spain both have the ability to compete with Team USA, but will it be enough? Is it possible that the Americans could have a let-down game?

Magic Johnson: On a Boat | SB Nation

I know it's common for the rich folk to hang out together, but please Magic Johnson, don't get any of The Daniel on you. Besides, isn't T-Pain more fun to hang out with anyway?

Christmas Day Schedule | SB Nation

Miami vs OKC isn't the only juicy game featured on Christmas Day.

Summer League and the Zone of No Context | The Classical

The Summer League is a funny thing; how much did we really learn, and what does it tell us about how some players will perform this year? And is Adam Morrison really making a comeback?

Nate Robinson Avoids Injury During Shooting at Rucker Park | Ball Don't Lie

Former Thunder Nate Robinson was in famed Rucker Park when gunfire erupted. Five people were shot, but Robinson appears to be unharmed.

Summer League: The Numbers | Wages of Wins

The gang breaks down all the numbers suitable for analysis. Josh Selby and Damian Lillard earn MVP nods.

Gilbert Arenas is Selling His Mansion | SB Nation

I lived in DC when Gilbert Arenas was building this shark-infested compound and it was kind of insane even then when Arenas was considered one of the 10 best players in the NBA. Now, it just looks sad. Especially that water slide.