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OKC Loud Links: Spain Today

Team USA is back in action this afternoon as they travel to Barcelona to take on the Spanish national team. Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden will be greeted on the court by their teammate Serge Ibaka, who plays for Spain. This game will be another great test for Team USA, as they must contend with a superior front court (Ibaka & the Gasol brothers).

SB Nation Free Agency Stream 2012

Stay on top of all player movement and rumors by checking out SB Nation's stream throughout the day.

SB Nation NBA Summer League Stream 2012

SB Nation has the Summer League covered. Follow this stream to stay on top of all the developments.


The Differences Between FIBA and the NBA | BBall Breakdown

Coach Nick provides us with a helpful guide as to the difference between NBA and international play. For example, I was not aware that the FIBA basketball is slightly larger than the NBA ball. Perhaps that is why some of the guys (Durant, Westbrook) have missed some wide-open dunks.

The Admiral Returns to Barcelona | USA Basketball

David Robinson, a member of the original Dream Team, joins the 2012 edition to offer some insight and commentary about how things might play out.

Studying the Programme | Ball Don't Lie

CP: Whatchu reading?

KD: Looking at our roster. Man, we ain't got no bigs. I might have to play some PF.

CP: Don't you weigh 115, though?

KD: 118.

CP: And you're one of our bigs?

KD: Looks like.

Free Agent Tracker Chart | Pounding the Rock

This is a great comprehensive report of all the free agents that are available this summer.

Nuggets Build Team Their Own Way | Sports Illustrated

Over the past two seasons, there has not been a more explosive team than the Nuggets. Once Carmelo Anthony left, they transformed into a 10 man-deep fast breaking team that can put up 120 points against anybody. The problem though is that they are still terrible at defense, and unless that changes, they're merely a latter day version of teams like the Golden State Warriors.

Dollars and Ballers | Basketbawful

Wow guys, I thought we were laying off LeBron for a little while?

Rose Injury Could Sideline Him Until March | SB Nation

Derrick Rose's ACL injury will likely keep him out for most of next season. I know the idea is counter to everything that encompasses Rose the competitor, but the Bulls should think long and hard about shutting him down for next season as well and try to vie for a lottery pick to pair with Rose going forward. They aren't going to win a championship next season with Rose coming back from injury, so it might be better to follow the old San Antonio template when they were able to pair Tim Duncan with David Robinson.

Thunder vs Heat on Christmas Day | Miami Sentinel

The Thunder will get their Christmas wish by traveling back to the scene of the crime that ended their Finals run.

Michael Beasley is an All-Star - Michael Beasley | Ball Don't Lie

It's a good thing Michael Beasley is finally joining a team with a veteran point guard who is a great teammate and knows how to bring out the best crap, friggin' Lakers...

Anybody seen Blake Griffin? | Sheridan Hoops

Rainn Wilson: "Here is what happened when I lured Blake Griffin into the back of my van..."