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OKC Loud Links: USA 4-0

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Team USA won another warm-up game yesterday and the outcome was a mixture of good and bad. It is good that they won and it is good that Kevin Durant is assuming the primary scorer's role, but I'm not a huge fan of their overall offensive philosophy at this point. I know that the international game lends well to 3-point shooting, but I think the team would be better served to have 2-3 dedicated 3-point shooters rather than have 8 of the 10 guys in the rotation attempting one.

SB Nation Free Agency Stream 2012

Stay on top of all player movement and rumors by checking out SB Nation's stream throughout the day.

SB Nation NBA Summer League Stream 2012

SB Nation has the Summer League covered. Follow this stream to stay on top of all the developments.


Durant Unguardable, Then Guarded | ESPN

Durant was a long range assassin against Argentina and afterward he was a man of few words. I think we're seeing something new from Durant - he's still mighty ticked off at how the Finals ended, and he is going to use that as motivation for everything he does.

Championship Recipe Remains Slow and Steady | NewsOK

"Think big, but build small."

Mohammed Heads to Chicago | ESPN

I'm truly happy for Nazr Mohammed. He came to OKC, did a great job with the task given to him, and after two seasons is now headed to another highly competitive organization that resides in Nazr's home town. Fare thee well, Mr. Mohammed.

NBA Game of Thrones | Grantland

Simmons finally gets on the bandwagon that GoTH fans have been a part of for years. Currently LeBron James sits on the iron throne and has a number of other houses wondering how they can usurp him. I do kind of wish he hadn't compared Sam Presti to the most loathsome character in the entire show, however.

Vegas Summer League Update | Behind the Basket

Gault contends that Adam Morrison has been surprisingly effective. Really?

Courtney Lee Heads to Celtics | SB Nation

I like this move by the Celtics. They get another long range shooter for a fraction of the cost that Ray Allen would have charged them.

Scottie Pippen Can Still Send It In | Ball Don't Lie

Jason "White Chocolate" Williams still has the elbow pass up his sleeve, and Scottie Pippen can still throw it down at age 46.