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OKC Loud Links: Free Agency Arrives

Free agency is upon us and for many teams, the Thunder included, it offers a candy store of various priced sweets that we want to see if the flavor fits into the team's collective palate. The only thing that I would argue that OKC needs at this point (and 'need' is highly subjective) is a dedicated 3-point shooter. Did the team lose faith in Cook? Does he just need another year to work with the team? And what of all this Hasheem Thabeet talk?

To stay on top of everything, be sure to keep the SB Nation Free Agency Stream thread open all day long.

OKC Will Have Tough Time Keeping Core Together | NewsOK

Expect to see this exact same story written about 500 times over the course of the next 9 months. Just warning you now.

OKC Likely Landing Spot for Thabeet? | Daily Thunder

Thabeet would come cheap, and he's a true 7-footer. I wonder how motivated he'd be after a week of Durant and Westbrook dunking on him in practice. Sink or swim, mate.

Free Agents: Easy Targets | Wages of Wins

Here are some of the biggest free agent targets, but all are likely to come with a hefty price tag.

Top small Forwards | Sports Illustrated

I hope Kevin Durant never appears on this list. Grant Hill that something? Could he be this season's Shane Battier?

Grading Teams that Supposedly Drafted Well | Behind the Basket

Blott doesn't love the Perry Jones III pick the Thunder made, and his criticism is almost entirely on PJ3's on-court motivation and focus, which was accurate. Here is why I think it was a safe pick though; if ever there was a team that could crack into an unmotivated kid, it is the Durant/Westbrook-led Thunder. And if PJ3 STILL doesn't want to work hard, he's got enough physical attributes that some other team would happily give him a shot and take him off OKC's hands. Remember, what matters is not just on-court performance, but a player's overall value to a team.

How Bad is Joe Johnson's Contract? | SB Nation

Never, ever feel bad for Joe Johnson.

Happy Canada Day | Hardwood Paroxysm

James Naismith was Canadian, just FYI.

50 Shades of Gray | Grantland

I highly doubt that any of these kids on draft night chose their own clothes, so I'm not really sure what this is an analysis of.

Bosh Likes Taco Bell | Ball Don't Lie

I've written it before, but I still feel this way - it's fun to root against Chris Bosh because he's so peculiar, but as a person, I kind of like the guy.

Re-Living the Draft | The Classical

Yes, this really happened:

And then [deputy commissioner Adam] Silver gets the ridiculous cheer every time HE comes out. I actually saw people bowing to him, arms out. Genuflecting towards the deputy commish. In Newark. We saw this.

Kevin Garnett Returns to Boston | Ball Don't Lie

This is probably a good thing, because I'm not sure another franchise out there could withstand Garnett's old-man intensity. And isn't that pretty much what KG is at this point? He's the old guy at the Y who tries waaaay too hard at pick-up games, over-cheers everything, looks like he always wants to punch the padded wall, etc.