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Free Agency Rumors Roundup: Scott Brooks Coming Back "In Principle", Thabeet and Ray Allen in the Thunder's Sights?

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NBA Draft Bust, or the Thunder's Future?
NBA Draft Bust, or the Thunder's Future?

Yep, the Free Agency Rumor Mill is still turning as fast as ever, and there's some crazy stories floating out there. Here's a few of the more popular ones that are gaining a little bit of traction.

Scott Brooks Agrees to His Contract In Principle For Realz This Time

"The Western Conference champion Oklahoma City Thunder worked out a deal with coach Scott Brooks that should be finalized soon.

Brooks' agent, Warren LeGarie, told that the deal is agreed on for four years and approximately $4 million per year.

He acknowledged that the negotiations weren't always smooth, and that the notion of the deal not getting done seemed entirely possible during the process."

-Sam Amick,

Okay, so multiple sources are finally confirming that aside from dotting the is and crossing the ts, this contract is done. Whew. Still, I'm not done holding my breath until that contract is actually signed. We've had a couple of false alarms before, and those Orlando and Portland jobs are as open as ever. Anyone still hoping for Phil Jackson?

The Thunder Have Been Interested in Hasheem Thabeet For A While

"Source says Oklahoma City is the most likely landing spot for the 7-3 center who was taken No. 2 by Memphis in 2009 and will be playing for his fourth team (assuming he doesn't sign with Portland, Houston or the Griz)."

-Sam Amick,

This and the high interest in Andrey Vorontsevich tells me one thing for sure: Nazr Mohammed's time with this team is done. He's admitted it's time for Cole Aldrich to step up, and the Thunder probably want to pursue a big man project as insurance in case Aldrich falls through. Or, possibly, replace Aldrich altogether. He hardly ever saw the floor last year, so I wouldn't be surprised if Brooks or Presti has no confidence in him.

"Also, keep an eye out for some potential Ray Allen-Thunder buzz."

-Sam Amico, Fox Sports Ohio

This one came from some random guy in Ohio, but hey, I'm willing to entertain the possibility. I mostly remember Ray Allen clanking a lot of shots in the Eastern Conference playoffs, but I have no doubt that he'd be willing to pull a Derek Fisher and start shooting well later in the season. But whose minutes does he get? He can't play point guard, and I doubt he takes the spot of a Sefolosha. He could get Cook's minutes, but it's hard to imagine Allen come in for the money of a Mid-Level Exception to play minutes that are in the teens. Maybe in a couple of years, but right now, there's still tread on the tires. It's much more likely he goes to a team that can offer him 20 plus minutes a game. Unless, of course, we sent Sefolosha to the bench. But it's hard to imagine that happening.

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