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Team USA vs Great Britain [Video Highlights]

The USA men's team trounced the team from Great Britain, 118-78 in a game that wasn't that close. We have the full breakdown for what happened, but suffice to say that team USA had a little bit more talent than the Brits knew what to do with. As we saw after the first two games, the US team was slow to start but then relied on their defensive dominance and pure athletic ability to turn the tables in a hurry.

The team was led once again by LeBron James, a guy who has to be absolutely terrifying to the rest of the world. He is bigger and faster than almost everybody else who he faces and he has been playing well off of point guards Chris Paul and Deron Williams. As a result, LeBron gets plenty of shots at the rim, and if he can't get to the rim, he dishes it off to Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, who are running the wings. It is a lethal combination, and the team is barely scratching the surface.

Westbrook rocks the rim.

Durant sends it down to get USA on the board.

LeBron sets up KD for the slam.