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Beyond Sonicsgate: Interview With Sonicsgate Director Jason Reid

WTLC brought to you an exclusive three part interview with director Jason Reid during the NBA Finals. Jason Reid is one of the two individuals responsible for the documentary "Seattlegate: Requiem for a Team," a film that documented the history of how the Seattle Supersonics were relocated from Seattle to Oklahoma City. From their FAQ:

Q: What is the goal of the Sonicsgate, and the grassroots movement it has become?

A: We loved the Sonics more than anything and are huge NBA basketball fans. The Sonics left in 2008, not because of a lack of fan support, but because a perfect storm of unfortunate political and corporate circumstances formed to rip the team away. By educating the public about how Seattle truly lost the team, we hope to build momentum for bringing an NBA team back to Seattle and restoring the 41-year legacy of the Seattle SuperSonics. This includes restoring the team name, colors, and all the history and official records that are currently owned by OKC. We will not rest until the Sonics’ retired jerseys and banners are rightfully restored, hanging in the rafters of a new arena for the Sonics.

Since the relationship between Seattle fans and Thunder fans has always been tenuous, our man Zorgon reached across the aisle and had a lengthy conversation with Reid about the Sonics' history, the city's love for their team, and where things might be headed in the future. Here are the 3 parts to this exclusive interview:

If you are new to WTLC or come from either fanbase and would like to get a better understanding of the history between the two cities, there is no better place to start than this interview. Thanks again to Jason Reid for his willingness to work toward a better understanding so that we can all enjoy the NBA experience together.