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OKC Loud Links: Free Agency Continues

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There is little going on coming out of Thunder camp, so our eyes mostly focus on the big free agency movements today.

SB Nation Free Agency Stream 2012

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SB Nation NBA Summer League Stream 2012

SB Nation has the Summer League covered. Follow this stream to stay on top of all the developments.

Well, the Rockets played this one just about right, didn't they? Two years ago they had Jeremy Lin on their roster for peanuts but didn't think he'd play because they had Kyle Lowry, Goran Dragic, and Kevin Martin ahead of him. Well, Lowry and Dragic are both gone, Martin wants to be, and they just overpaid Lin to get him back from the Knicks. Moreyball!

So the Knicks made a ham-fisted attempt at keeping Lin and were out-dueled by Morey? Who woulda thought.

This story actually kind of bums me out. I know that the Thunder cemented their roster last week, but I was hoping that they were in the hunt for Grant Hill's services. I thought he'd make the perfect backup for Kevin Durant. And now he's going to a Clippers team that is going to be making a serious push to contend for a top playoff spot next season.

It appears that the Lakers are back in the hunt for the services of Dwight Howard. Now it seems like the two front-runners are the Lakers and the Rockets. Which of course means that we're in for some uneventful ending, like Howard re-signing with the Magic and then making everybody's life miserable for the next 3 years.

Here is a good rundown on the player shifts across the league. I find the Hornets situation in retaining Eric Gordon interesting. Haven't we learned anything about a team who tries to keep a player who does not want to stay?

Handball is one of those sports that seems like it should be the natural evolution of basketball, and yet it has failed to gain any sort of state-side following. This is a great look at the nature of the sport.

An "arena expert" argues that Seattle cannot handle another sports franchise. That's interesting. We have some friends who respectfully (and loudly) disagree.

Pre-Season? Pre-Season. So far OKC has 3 games scheduled for October. Plan ahead!

When Kobe Bryant entered the league, he predicted that age 35 would probably be his cut-off point. Does anybody really think he'd just walk away from the game? He's still going to be hoisting contested fade-away jumpers when he's 42.