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OKC Loud Links: Team USA Heads to London

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Last night's Team USA victory over Brazil was not the overwhelming win that we enjoyed against the Dominican Republic. To be sure, the Brazilian team features an NBA front line, but the problem was really that the USA offense was too perimeter-oriented, and when a team allows itself to become one-dimensional, there is a possibility that another, lesser team can play better in that one-dimensional plane.

SB Nation Free Agency Stream 2012

Stay on top of all player movement and rumors by checking out SB Nation's stream throughout the day.

LeBron Sets the Tone | ESPN

The USA team must eventually come to realize that they have a couple players - LeBron James and Kevin Durant - that have no equal anywhere else on the planet. As long as they run the offense through those two guys, they'll be all right.

Kobe Won't Let Anyone Forget Who Won Gold | SB Nation

When Pau Gasol retires, I wouldn't be surprised at all if he relocates to the opposite point on the globe from where Kobe Bryant resides.

Between Love and Hate | The Classical

Kevin Love made some strong comments about the Timberwolves' direction, and those comments may have seemed out of turn from the normally cool Kevin. I think though that you have to take his comments in the context of the entire time he's been in Minnesota, not merely in the afterglow of last season's potential.

The Brooklyn Nets Brand | Grantland

Brooklyn faces the challenge of reinventing itself in its new locale and divorcing the team from its moribund history. It will be much more difficult than the Thunder's re-creating their team identity.

Waiters on the Shoulders of Giants | Hardwood Paroxysm

Dion Waiters had a rocky debut when his Cavaliers team faced the Bobcats. Chris Webber nods.

Mavs Sign O.J. Mayo | ESPN

I like this move for the Mavericks. O.J. Mayo is not a superstar, but he has proven that he likes big game moments and he could probably use the additional structure and coaching that the Mavericks organization provides.

Explaining Lin's 'Ridiculous Contract' | Wages of Wins

A very strange echo chamber up there in New York.

Ray Allen Thanks City of Boston | Ball Don't Lie

I'm sure the Boston faithful will be forgiving.