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OKC Loud Links: USA Basketball In Action Tonight

The USA men's basketball team is finally in action tonight when they will face the Dominican Republic. It will be our first real look at the composition of the star-studded team. The game gets underway at 9:00 EST and can be seen on ESPN.

SB Nation Free Agency Stream 2012

Stay on top of all player movement and rumors by checking out SB Nation's stream throughout the day.

Kevin Durant Sits Down to Discuss Olympic Basketball |

Kevin Durant offers up his early thoughts on how the Olympic team is coming together and what he is looking forward to in the upcoming months.

Summer School Day 3 Grades | Daily Thunder

Young liked Reggie Jackson's play in Day 3, and I did too. He seemed much more in control throughout the game. He didn't over-penetrate, he worked to get makable shots, and he helped keep his team in front throughout. Very good performance.

Notes from Day 3 | NewsOK

Cole Aldrich has not yet had a breakout game or even a breakout moment, but to be fair these types of games are going to be difficult for a guy who is mostly known for his interior defense.

NBA Skills Market | Valley of the Suns

This post will require some further thought on my part, but I wanted to get it up here. This astute writer has monetized every skillset available in the NBA. As it turns out, simply being tall does in fact pay very well.

Nets Miss Out on Dwight Howard | Sports Illustrated

The Nets had been on a role as of late, but the talks between the Magic and Brooklyn have petered out. It is now off the table at least until next year.

A Role for Every Player, a Player for Every Role | The Classical

Rob Mahoney pops up at The Classical to write that the front office of many teams are beginning to figure out how to better value role players. This development bodes well; franchise players will always be paid the highest value, but it is the teams who overpay the likes of Kris Humphries that end up breaking their competitive chances.

Brook Lopez Signs Max Contract | SB Nation

That said, Brook Lopez just signed a max contract with the Nets. He's a solid big man and all, but the name Brook Lopez should never be used in the same sentence as 'max contract.'

Kendall Marshall: A Freak Athlete of a Different Sort | HoopSpeak

Levy writes something that will probably make Russell Westbrook haters squeal with glee:

Quite simply, Marshall has passed more often, and to greater effect, than any player who has entered the NBA in more than a decade.

Texas, Here Comes Chris Kaman | SB Nation

A match made in heaven, no doubt.

All-NBA Part 2: 2nd and 3rd Teams | Wages of Wins

I bet you never thought that Josh Childress would show up in a ranking like this.

Pacers Trade Collison and Jones | 8 Points, 9 Seconds

The Pacers have traded away Darren Collison and Dayntay Jones to the Mavericks in exchange for Ian Mahinmi. This is a puzzling move given the Pacers' perimeter struggles in the playoffs, but Wade wonders if there is something greater afoot.

Vegas Summer League Preview | Behind the Basket

After Orlando comes Las Vegas, and there we will get a good look at 23 teams' new acquisitions and new talent being developed. Stay tuned, we'll be on top of this one as well.