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Thunder Signs Georgetown Forward Hollis Thompson to 3 Year Deal

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The Thunder has just signed former Georgetown small forward Hollis Thompson to a 3 year deal, according to various reports.

Thompson Signs 3 Year Deal With Thunder | SLAM Online

Thompson went undrafted in the 2012 NBA draft. As an undrafted free agent, the Thunder are able to sign him to this 3 year deal with only the 1st year being guaranteed. The Thunder will retain options on years 2 and 3.

Despite the fact that the Summer League is currently underway, Thompson will not be joining the squad in Orlando due to his rehabilitation of a groin injury.

Thompson spent 3 years at Georgetown, and in the 3rd and final year of his college career he averaged 12.8 points per game and 7.1 rebounds per game and shot 43% from the 3-point line. The addition of Thompson likely indicates that the team is still searching for a viable backup for Kevin Durant. Thompson joins Lazar Hayward and 1st round draft pick Perry Jones III as potential backups for the small forward position.

From Zorgon:

Given the slew of foreign players that were drafted by teams in the second round, it only makes sense that a few College players got left out of the mix. With college basketball featuring a ton of one and dones, teams are starting to ignore the players that aren't highly touted coming out of high school, and instead opting to draft some guy they've never heard of from a far away land. Usually, a good litmus test as to where the winds are blowing is to look at who the Spurs draft, as they do the opposite of most teams. With their second round pick this year, they drafted a guard from Missouri.

The Thunder took a similar strategy with this signing. It's also not surprising given that they traded for another former Georgetown prospect (Jeff Green), and that they're fond of looking at pure shooters to evaluate (Robert Vaden). Whether Thompson pans out is anyone's guess, but the Thunder wouldn't have given him three years if they thought he was going to bust.

Since we're good at math here at WTLC, we can see that the Thunder now have a full 15 man roster set -- Durant, Westbrook, Ibaka, Perkins, Sefolosha, Collison, Harden, Cook, Maynor, Thabeet, Jones, Jackson, Hayward, Aldrich -- are all under contract. With the signing of Thompson, the 15 man roster is completely filled out. Ergo, players who will not be returning next year are the guys who are still unsigned: Derek Fisher, Nazr Mohammed, and Royal Ivey.