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OKC Loud Links: Summer League Continues

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We continue today with more reports about player movement and player development. The Summer league moves into Day 3, and hopefully we'll be able to gather more information on how the Thunder youngsters are developing.

For goodness sakes Serge Ibaka, pick up the phone. Fly to Hakeem's home if you have to.

Aldridge is reporting that Grant Hill is looking to make one more push at capturing a ring, and the Thunder are on his short list. We've written about this numerous times, but I think that this would make a ton of sense for both teams. Hill is still a very good defender and has a high offensive IQ. He'd be the perfect backup for Kevin Durant, which would bolster the 2nd unit and also keep Hill's minutes down so that he can stay fresh.

Kevin Durant is still mad about losing in the Finals, and now his nemesis is his teammate. If I were Coach K I'd put them on different scrimmage squads and then watch the fireworks.

Latavious Williams is in Orlando and thus far has shown quite a bit of energy, especially on the rebounding front.

Reggie Jackson is in Orlando as well and he testifies here about the solid Thunder culture that keeps players like Eric Maynor and Daequan Cook coming back to support their younger teammates.

Steve Nash is now the enemy, but he's still pretty awesome.

Jeff Clark gives us one final essay on what it has been like to see Ray Allen come to Boston, win a championship, and then flee for southern pastures.

Tim Duncan signed a 3-year extension, which guarantees that he'll stay with the Spurs for the rest of his career. The question remains though how many more years he can be productive as the younger players develop around him.

Tyson Chandler has had a circuitous route on his way to winning defensive player of the year and being named to the 2012 Olympic Team. Perhaps he'll strip down on the Olympic stand as well.

LeBron James stacks up well against the other all-timers.

I kind of thought James Harden might shave off the beard after his team lost in the Finals. I was wrong by 180 degrees.

Lastly, we can never get enough of Russell Westbrook highlights, can we? Video is after the jump.