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2012 NBA Finals: Thunder vs Heat

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The Thunder are waiting in the wings, and the Heat just dispatched the Celtics tonight in Game 7. We now know the teams, the times, and the stakes. It all begins June 12, Tuesday night, at 8PM CST. All games will be broadcast on ABC. Here we go.

(All start times are CST)

Game Date Location Time
Game 1 Tues., June 12 @ OKC 8PM
Game 2 Thurs., June 14 @OKC 8PM
Game 3 Sun., June 17 @ MIA 7PM
Game 4 Tues., June 19 @ MIA 8PM
Game 5* Thurs., June 21 @ MIA 8PM
Game 6* Sun, June 24 @ OKC 7PM
Game 7* Tues., June 26 @ OKC 8PM
*If necessary