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Interview With Scott Brooks: The Message for Game 6


Thunder coach Scott Brooks joined Sacramento radio station KTCK to talk about the playoffs so far. As per his normal posture, Brooks has confidence in his team, keeps them humble, and helps them remember that their pathway is put in place by hard work.

Scott Brooks Interview | Sports Radio Interviews

I've snipped a few quotes here, but head on over to Sports Radio Interviews for the full transcription.

What did beating San Antonio on the road in Game 5 mean for the franchise?

"It puts us in the position that we have a chance to win that game and I thought it was big for our franchise. It's something that we work on every day and talk about doing the little things."

You rarely talk about the youth of your team. Why is that?

"I had an opportunity to take this team over four years ago and we were young. Like I told the guys in our first meeting, ‘You're young. Five years from now, Kevin you're going to be young. So we're not going to use that as an excuse. Our job is to be a professional every day and you have to do it every day.'"

What will your message be to the team entering Game 6?

"Everybody in our locker room understands that that team, San Antonio, they have big-time championship DNA written all over them. They have the history of winning multiple championships and Pop has the same thing. They have the pedigree to show you and the experiences they can rely on. Our job is to win one game."

Is it safe to say that Kevin Durant is mature beyond his years?

"If I had to talk about Kevin and you gave me 10 minutes, I would talk about nine minutes as a person. He's just a humble young man. He believes in all the right things. He was raised with great values and lives it every day. It's not a public thing that he wants everybody to think that's who he is. That's who he is...Sometimes I wonder if he realizes how good he is."

What is the city of Oklahoma City like right now?

"It's a great environment. Banners, car flags, T-shirts, hats, signs everywhere. It's fun to be around right now. Our guys are great. They appreciate it."