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The Thunder and Scott Brooks Will "Soon Finalize a Four Year Deal"

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He's back, and ready to talk more smack.
He's back, and ready to talk more smack.

Via Marc Stein:

Sources told on Friday night that Brooks and the Thunder, after slow-moving talks that had left the sides well apart by the end of the NBA Finals earlier this month, soon will finalize a new four-year deal to follow up the contract that expires Saturday.

Although the financial specifics were not yet known, reported last week that the Thunder's most recent offer was "north of $4 million" annually.

Yep, it's looking like a potential nightmare has been averted. After holding our breath, it looks like Brooks will finalize an extension before he becomes a free agent. I'm not happy because he's a great coach and we saved a genius from falling out of our grasp. I'm happy because he was a good coach who's improved every year, and has fostered this young team well. Plus, I'm glad Clay Bennett is willing to spend the money necessary to keep the pieces of a championship puzzle together. At least, for now.