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The Oklahoma City Thunder Select Perry Jones III with Pick #28 of the 2012 NBA Draft!

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Perry Jones III

6'11', 234 Pounds, Sophomore, 20 Years Old, Baylor University

Season Team Min Pts Reb Ast TO Stl Blk PF FG% FT% 3PT%
2010-2011 Baylor 33.9 13.9 7.2 1.2 2.3 0.5 0.9 2.4 54.9% 66.4% 20.0%
2011-2012 Baylor 30.7 13.5 7.6 1.3 1.7 0.8 0.6 2.3 50.0% 69.6% 30.3%

Here's what the web has to say about Perry Jones III.

"On that note, I think Perry Jones III is probably the best lesson in the history of Baylor Athletics that you shouldn't jump to conclusions. He came to Baylor with enormous expectations that largely went unfulfilled, and Baylor fans (myself definitely included) held that against him to an unreasonable extent. We assumed the problem was his desire. Why wouldn't we, considering his prodigious athletic gifts? Only later did most of us find out the kind of pressures and concerns he has been dealing with since he was in middle school. I think the vast majority of us that aren't elite recruits in any sport believe their lives have to be posh and easy without knowing that to be the case at all."

-Mark C. Moore, Our Daily Bears

Perry Jones is the highest ranked prospect in this weak forward group, but looks average at best overall from a statistical perspective. His 0.964 overall points per possession ranks right in the middle of the group at 8th overall, despite doing it on the fourth fewest number of possessions per game at 13.6. Jones' efficiency is certainly hurt by getting to the free throw line on just 11.2% of possessions, which ranks second worst in the group, but his 49.0% FG% also ranks in the bottom half.


The biggest bright spot for Jones is his finishing ability on cuts, something that accounts for an average 14.9% of his possessions and is unsurprising given his outstanding physical tools. Jones' 1.254 PPP on cuts ranks 4th of the group and is a somewhat encouraging sign for him projecting forward, as this is likely something he'd be expected to do more off at the next level.

-Joseph Treutlein, DraftExpress

Strengths: Unparalleled athleticism, fluidity and mobility for a 6'11 prospect ... Excellent ball-handling skills, can go coast to coast, defensive rebound to transition layup ... Presents a serious mismatch on the perimeter against slower footed big men who lack the lateral quickness to stay in front ... Has promising mechanics on his jump shot, and there's reason to believe it will improve with time ...

Weaknesses: Despite a high ceiling, Jones doesn't have a go-to part of his game that can be a reliable weapon night in and night out... Frustratingly inconsistent, and can disappear throughout stretches of a game ... Skinny frame, not comfortable or strong enough defending the low post... Struggles to create easy shots for himself ...

-Jonathan Wasserman,

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