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The Thunder Come Home [Video]

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"We're not frontrunners...We're not guys that are just happy when things are going well. It's the toughest time we've ever been through, and we want to do the same thing we would do if we won the game."

"We hug each other, tell each other how much we love playing alongside each other, and thank them for what they've done all season, every guy down the line, coaches, everybody that worked with us every single day, and we worked together and worked hard every single day...We just thanked each other for this season. But we all know this hurts. We've got to continue to keep working." - Kevin Durant

The Thunder returned home yesterday afternoon, a day after a disappointing Finals finally ended on Miami's home court. In the quote above you can see that Durant has helped instill a culture of dedicated steadfastness in his team, that no matter whether times or good or bad, they will hang together. As you can see in the videos below shot by backup center Nazr Mohammed, this dedication extends well beyond the walls of the Chesapeake Arena and into the very fabric of OKC as well.

Courtesy Nazr Mohammed's Twitter feed @NazrMohammed:

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