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OKC Loud Links: Melancholy

The 2011-2012 Season is in the books and just like 28 other teams, Thunder fans must close the chapter feeling sadness and disappointment. Those who watched all 5 games of these Finals will know that each of the first four games were taut affairs that turned on but a few plays, but when all was said and done, a 4-1 loss is a 4-1 loss. You may not want to read many of today's links because of this reality.

Comprehensive Guide to Season-Ending Writing | Hardwood Paroxysm

This is helpful.

Report: Perk Played With Partially Torn Groin for 3 Rounds | Daily Thunder

Yeah, this isn't good. The implications of the Thunder revealing this injury to Kendrick Perkins are pretty profound.

Thunder Loss Will Turn Into Motivation | CBS Sports

Kevin Durant and his gang of young men came a long ways this season, but these Finals showed just how much farther they still have to go in order to rise to the challenge. He'll be back.

What's Next for OKC? | Sports Illustrated

Lowe runs down a short list of things OKC must address in the off-season. There aren't many, but what is there can have drastic ripple effects, specifically if the front office decides Scott Brooks isn't their long-term solution.

Gone Till November | Ball Don't Lie

The Thunder are primed for another run, but there are many questions internally that must be addressed.

Thunder Shows Us a Sermon | NewsOK

If you hung in until the end, you saw it - the three most important players for the Thunder - Durant, Westbrook, and Harden, taking it all in as their team was ground out by the Heat.

Finals Failure Will Prove Necessary | Sports Illustrated

"He's going to use this experience like I used it, as motivation...Hopefully I don't continue to have to run into him. Because he is that great." - LeBron James on Kevin Durant

Fewer Threes, More Post | Deadspin

Kirk Goldsberry is the new shining star on the landscape of advanced metrics and giving us awesome visuals to help us understand why things are the way they are. A year from now, I'd really like for this to be the change in Kevin Durant's shot distribution.

Staring at the Sun | Daily Thunder

The Thunder are the only franchise that can get appreciably better next year without doing a single thing.

Chris Bosh: Fundamentally Weird | NY Times

Mahoney writes that Chris Bosh is the second-most maligned NBA champion today.

If This Is It For Miller, What a Way to Go Out | CBS Sports

Mike Miller played the game of his life in Game 5, and he did it barely able to run. Nobody saw this one coming.

Mark Cuban Destroys Skip Bayless | SB Nation

How would you feel about a little schadenfreude to cool off the wounds from last night? Not only does Mavericks owner Mark Cuban step up for all mankind, but his evisceration of Skip & the gang positively sent Bayless into a Twitter tailspin.

Scott Brooks Contract Rumors | Hoopfocus

I don't know how much stock we can put into this story, but we know that Scott Brooks refused the Thunder's 3 year $11 million deal last week, and now names like Phil Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy are floating about.

The Arbitrary Validation of Transcendance | Hardwood Paroxysm

Schiller argues that this title needed to happen for LeBron and the Heat.

Thunder, Heat the Favorites in 2013 | SB Nation

There is a good chance that in a year's time we'll be doing all of this over again.

LeBron is the 2002 Sports Illustrated Cover | HoopSpeak

I remember receiving this edition.

LeBron's Nike Commercial | Ball Don't Lie

Nike Still knows how to deliver.