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OKC Loud Links: Game 5 Tonight

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Tonight is the night. Either LeBron James will release the hounds and claim his first championship after a 9 year chase, or the Thunder will change the course of everything. Tonight's game bears both fear and excitement, and it is precisely because of the fear of losing the Finals that we can eagerly anticipate seeing something great.

5 Keys for Tonight | Sports Illustrated

Lowe walks us through a few of the things OKC needs to clean up if they are going to compete tonight. They must recognize that the Heat are being allowed to play their perimeter defense in a physical manner, and they must get the ball behind that defensive wall to break it down.

Is It All Scott Brooks' Fault? | Daily Thunder

No, of course not. But in an age of instant Twit-reactions, it is the world that we live in.

Big Line-Up Underused? | NewsOK

Tramel makes a case that the Thunder are not using their bigs line up enough, rather than too much.

The Big Beginnings of Fronting Durant |

This is some great work here that analyzes how the Heat's defense of Durant was really spawned in the 1st round when they were trying to cope with Carmelo Anthony. Durant needs to figure out a way to respond to the Heat's defensive tactics.

The Power Within Kevin Durant | SB Nation

In Game 4, we saw the best that Russell Westbrook has to offer, and his best isn't quite good enough to beat the best. However, Kevin Durant's 'best' IS enough. His higher ceiling can supersede anything else the Heat can throw out there. He just has to tap into it.

LeBron James Could Be a Champion Today | Ball Don't Lie

Heavy is the hand-made crown one wears. LeBron might finally be able to trade in his old one for a new one, fashioned by the legacy of all the NBA greats. OKC cannot let that happen tonight.

The Thin Line of Thunder Disgust | Hardwood Paroxysm

One day the bitterness of how the Thunder team was born will subside. Today is not that day.

Durant Being Sued for "Durantula" Nickname | The Basketball Jones

See, I told ya'll that "Durantula" was a terrible nickname. I fully expect this to be settled shortly in the low five-figures range.

LeBron is Better While Being Worse | HoopSpeak

Strauss looks at how LeBron has evolved over these past 3 seasons, and while he is not as dominant in some areas, his overall understanding of the game and his place in it runs so deep.

Does the NBA Have a Flopping Problem? | Sports Illustrated

Rational minds might say 'no,' but then the evidence shows up right in front of our faces. With regards to James Harden's infamous Game 3 flop, that right there is a tell-tale sign that he is running out of ideas on how to impact this series. OKC needs to make the game simpler for him so that he can get back on track.

Wade's Ex-Wife Arrested for Alleged Treatment of Their Children | Ball Don't Lie

Yeah, this isn't good. It is a reminder though that whatever we think of Dwyane Wade on the court, he's still just a man and a father off of it.