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Thunder vs Heat: Miami Holds Off OKC [Video Highlights]

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The Heat evened the Finals series against the Thunder, winning 100-96. OKC once again got off to a terrible start, trailing 18-2 with almost 8 minutes gone in the 1st before showing any semblance of an offensive rhythm. Trailing by 12 at the end of the 1st, the lead did not seem insurmountable but the subsequent 2 quarters offered little in terms of hope for the Thunder. They continued to run poor offensive sets throughout, missed open shots, took way too many 3-pointers (Kevin Durant attempted 10 by himself), and entering the 4th, had only shaved a single point off the lead.

In the 4th, the Thunder finally showed signs of life. Trailing late into the game, they put together a run in the final minutes of the quarter that brought them within 2 possessions. OKC continued to press the action, even as Miami was doing a solid job staying in front. A final desperation sequence with under a minute to play almost brought the Thunder all the way back, but in the end Miami held on for the win.