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Thunder vs Heat: OKC Seizes Control Late, Takes Game 1 [Video Highlights]

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The Thunder defeated the Heat in Game 1 of the 2012 NBA Finals. The Thunder got out of the gates slowly, while the more active and energetic Heat took advantage of OKC's malaise by running out to an early double-digit lead. Pushing the 1st half lead as high as 13, it looked as if the Heat were primed to steal Game 1 on OKC's home court.

As we have seen however, the Thunder have dominated teams in the 2nd half. Once again, they cranked up both their offensive focus and their defensive intensity. Chasing the Heat throughout the 3rd quarter, a Russell Westbrook and-1 gave OKC its first lead of the night. In the 4th, Kevin Durant took over, demonstrating both his scoring and playmaking prowess. The Thunder slowly pulled away from the Heat as Miami's early hot shooting ran cold.