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OKC Loud Links: Prep Work

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The 2012 NBA Finals are nearly upon us, and it is going to be a crazy period of time here at WTLC as we work hard to bring you the best Finals coverage we can. We hope you will be checking in periodically throughout the day to stay abreast of everything that is going on.

How Scott Brooks Went From Scapegoat to Beloved | NewsOK

Even today after a Thunder loss, rest assured there will be a contingent of fans calling for Scott Brooks' head. I still maintain my perspective - who out there could do a better job than he has?

The New Thunder Era | Daily Thunder

Among other things, James notes that now, Cole Aldrich is going to have a ton of groupies following him to the local Smoothie King.

Finals Coaches Know Scrutiny | SB Nation

Ziller breaks down the difference between the two coaches in this year's Finals. Does Spoelstra's experience from a season ago give him an edge?

The Alumni at Thunder U | NewsOK

Mayberry catches up with some of the former members of the Thunder and asks them how they felt about their time with the franchise.

Five Early Thoughts | Daily Thunder

When this ends, it will either be the sweetest result possible, or the most bitter taste ever. There’s no in between.

2012 Finals By Matchup | CBS Sports

Apparently Chris Bosh is going to be feasting on his chicanery.

5 Keys To Become Champs | ProBasketballTalk

James Harden is a huge key, because the Heat are going to have a huge dropoff in their bench performance. Harden has to run a 2nd unit that is substantially better than Miami's.

NBA Finals in Twitter Form | Hoopism

The Hoopism guys are back with a new visual that interprets how some of the Finals players' Twitter use can be displayed visually.

Heat Have a Dance Party | SB Nation

The Heat's post-Game 7 celebration may bother some, but I am of the belief that a team should be able to do whatever it needs to do in the sanctity of its own locker room to build unity. And then Juwon Howard shows up and we all wonder how the heck he still has a roster spot in the league.

Behind the Box Score | Ball Don't Lie

A look back on how the Heat turned the tables on the Celtics. A big problem has surfaced for the Thunder in this regard, because a healthy Chris Bosh causes all sorts of problems for the OKC defense.

Chris Bosh Finally Missed! | SB Nation

Chris Bosh came back from a crippling injury to have two huge games in the ECF, playing a huge role in Miami's come-back wins. Count me on the record as a guy who actually really likes Bosh, but even so, it's still enjoyable to poke fun at the guy.

Gone, But Unforgettable | The Classical

Here is one former Seattle resident who is working to come to a place where he can both appreciate the Thunder team but still retain his feelings for the reason OKC has a team to begin with.

Why We Should All Root for the Heat | The Nation

And here is the other side to the coin of reasonableness.