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Kevin Durant Slam of the Night: WCF Game 3 [Video]

If you recall from Game 1, there was a moment early in the game where Kevin Durant took the ball straight at Tim Duncan and tried to ram it down Timmay's throat. Duncan, one of the best defensive centers to ever play the game, got a piece of it and denied Durant his moment.

I bet you both men were thinking about THAT moment when THIS moment unfolded:

If you watch the replay, you can see that Durant looks like he's going to try to bring more force this time, as he is winding up for a 2-handed dunk. While in the air however, Durant shifts the ball into his right hand, reaches around Duncan's outstretched arm, and flushes it through the rim. Simply an amazing act of athleticism and artistry.

Not to be outdone, after the jump you can find the great alley-oop that James Harden tossed to Russell Westbrook, which pushed the lead to 21 and just about ended the Spurs' hopes for a comeback.

Harden made a great play to fake the shot, threw a perfect pass, and then Westbrook displayed his crazy athleticism to throw it down.