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Kevin Durant's Top Ten Plays of the 2011-2012 Season

The title says it all. H/t to Royce Young at Daily Thunder for spotting the video.

As great as the plays themselves are, I think my favorite moments are the details in the margins:

The look that Pau Gasol and Matt Barnes give each other after Durant rips through their defense.


The look on 7'1" Roy Hibbert's face after he gets posterized.


The look on the face of this Thunder kid in the enemy's stadium after KD pulls off a ridiculous shot, finds the kid in his OKC jersey, and slaps his hand in reception of the kid's congratulations Happykid_medium

The huge smile you see on this woman's face after KD finishes an incredible move on the Lakers. You can see that this woman is an OKC seating attendant so she gets to see Durant play in person all the time, and watching him do things like this just makes her so happy. She's beaming at KD like he was her own grandchild.


Lastly, KD himself after pulling off an amazing move, almost as if he himself cannot believe what he's capable of.


Love this game.