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Thunder vs Mavericks: OKC Overwhelms Mavs in 4th [Game 4 Video Highlights]

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The Thunder completed a first round sweep against the Mavericks, winning Game 4 in dramatic fashion. OKC started the game strong but then started to falter late in the 2nd, giving up the lead to the desperate Mavericks team. All series long the Mavs had struggled to find enough shooters, but finally their secondary players started to step up. Jason Kidd was the #2 scorer, hitting 4-6 from 3-point range. Vince Carter found the range, as did DeLonte West. In the end, the team shot 10-19 from 3-point range and thought that they'd have enough offense to finally win.

OKC responded to their double-digit predicament by putting on a pick and roll clinic in the 4th, overwhelming Dallas with a 26-10 run. By the time Serge Ibaka slammed home a fast break dunk to give the Thunder their first lead since the 2nd quarter, the Mavericks had run out of options. Dirk Nowitzki (34 points) was great, Dallas had extra shooting, their defense was solid, and they were losing. In the end OKC proved to have just a little bit more than Dallas at mos junctures, and that advantage was enough to send the Thunder into the 2nd round.