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3-on-3 With Daily Thunder: Return to the Peake?

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Royce Young at Daily Thunder dropped three great questions on us today to get a sense about how we all feel this opening round between the Thunder and Mavericks has gone.

3-on-3: A Return to the Peake? | Daily Thunder

Be sure to head on over there to get the full extent of the answers tossed out by Royce, Patrick James, and yours truly. Here are a few brief excerpts:

Were Games 1 and 2 a more accurate representation of the separation between the Thunder and Mavs, or Game 3?

Royce Young: I think it’s something in between. Including two preseason games, the Thunder are now 8-1 against Dallas this season. That’s hard to ignore. Some of the games have been painfully close, and some have been excruciatingly close. But for the most part, the Thunder have been the clear superior team.


Who has been the biggest X-Factor in this series so far?

Patrick James: Russell Westbrook. The Thunder wouldn’t be up 3-0 without strong performances up and down the entire roster. But if you have to pick one guy, it has to be Westbrook. Westbrook has been better at being a force in games when he’s struggling with his shot, but it’s still a worry. He can still shoot the Thunder out of a big lead or prevent them from coming back when he’s off and lets it affect other aspects of his game.


Fact or Fiction: There will be a Game 5.

Sherman: Fact, but I do so as an NBA fan who simply understands probability and remembers history. It is very, very difficult to beat any team in the NBA four consecutive times, especially the defending champs.