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Thunder vs Mavericks: The Set-Up Punch (Game 3 Video Highlights)

The Thunder took down the Mavericks in Dallas in impressive fashion last night. OKC jumped on the homecoming champs early, fought off several Mavs surges, and then closed out the game hard in the 4th. Kevin Durant finally returned to his normal self in Game 3, opening up the first quarter by hitting three of four 3-pointers and generally putting the Mavericks on notice that he was in a different shooting mindset. The rest of the team came along with him, putting Dallas in a double-digit hole for most of the game and never falling into the turnovers trap that so often derails OKC.

Most impressive though was that the Thunder are realizing once again that they can turn their defense into a weapon. After surrendering a flurry of Maverick points at the end of the 1st, OKC held Dallas to 15 points in the 2nd and 16 points in the 3rd, which left the Mavs with a paltry 57 points at the end of 3 quarters and little hope of generating the kind of offense that could give them a shot to win in the end.