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OKC Loud Links: Way Down in the Hole

The Thunder stumble back to Oklahoma City looking for some answers to the one-two-three combo that the Spurs brought out in Game 2. All is not lost, but it is about to be lest the Thunder figure out a better plan to halt the Spurs' nearly two month winning streak.

Practice Report: One at a Time | Daily Thunder

"They don't stop so we can't either." - James Harden

The Spurs Good Looks | ESPN

Arnovitz does a great job charting how how the Spurs are able to get so many good open looks. The Thunder's challenge is monumental, but I contend it all starts with denying Tony Parker at the point.

Game 2 Retro Diary | Grantland

Simmons gives Game 2 the treatment. It is going to be painful to read through much of this, but don't lose heart. There is still enough there to believe in what the Thunder are doing, talking heads and Westbrook critics be damned.

Do the Thunder Have Any Hope? | Sports Illustrated

The answer is, of course, yes they do. They have the best player on the court and they are at home. However, structural and tactical changes must commence post haste. In my opinion, they have to get the ball out of Parker's hands in the halfcourt set and then force somebody else to engage the offense.

Spurs and Thunder Have Night of Rarities | Wages of Wins

OKC actually had two players who scored 30 points on less than 20 shots, and they still were dominated.

Parker vs Westbrook | BBall Breakdown

Coach Nick takes a look at how Tony Parker attacked (with a trebuchet!) Russell Westbrook in Game 2. It is important to note that quite a bit of design has gone into how the Spurs are dealing with Westbrook, both from a physical as well as mental standpoint.

Behind the Box Score | Ball Don't Lie

Yes, more praise for the Spurs. I like the Steely Dan reference though; the Spurs are pushing past the point of perfection into something else entirely - "art."

First Annual NBA Analysts Award | The Diss

No surprises here, and that's actually a good thing. We don't need awards that give Reggie Miller accolades.

Orlando Pro Summer League Features OKC | Orlando Pinstriped Post

The Orlando Magic have announced that seven other teams (including OKC) will join them for the 2012 Orlando Pro Summer League from July 9th-13th at Amway Center. The Orlando Pro Summer League is the smaller, East-coast counterpart to the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas, which will feature 23 teams, plus a squad of D-League players known as the D-League Select Team.