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OKC Loud Links: Game 2 Tonight

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The Thunder and Spurs resume their series tonight as the intensity will no doubt rise. With the exception of the Spurs' staggering 4th quarter, neither team played particularly well so I do believe that tonight's game will feature much better play and hopefully a more satisfying ending.

Practice Report: Bouncing Back | Daily Thunder

It looks like the Thunder will be approaching tonight's game with the proper amount of surliness and eagerness to erase Game 1's 4th quarter meltdown.

Ibaka Should Play Normal Minutes Tonight | NewsOK

Scott Brooks admitted that we observers were probably right - Serge Ibaka should have been on the floor as the 4th quarter unfolded. Not only would his presence have altered a number of Spurs layups, but he could have provided a release valve on offense while the 'big three' struggled to get open looks.

Westbrook is the Key | Pounding the Rock

Spurs fans believe that keeping Russell Westbrook under control by forcing him to play out of control will be a recurring theme in this series. I tend to agree; Westbrook has been good about picking his spots to attack the rim lately, but in Game 1 I think he saw chances to attack that weren't really there.

Manu vs Harden | BBall Breakdown

Coach Nick does a great job examining how James Harden & Manu Ginobili's games really mirror each other. The big difference was that Manu was able to finish off a few more drives than Harden as well as produce at the free throw line. This trend will need to reverse if OKC is going to have a shot in Game 2.

OKC: Ditch Perkins | Wages of Wins

Dre thinks that Scott Brooks' use of Kendrick Perkins is putting his team at a severe disadvantage, especially on the offensive end. I would tend to agree, and I think that Brooks' fear of Tim Duncan is a bit irrational at this point. They have to do a better job protecting the rim.

Chris Bosh's Toughest Obstacle Yet | ESPN

I am of two opinions regarding Chris Bosh. It is easy (and sometimes fun) to root against Bosh the player. Bosh the person, however, is very well spoken, thoughtful, and puts into words well exactly why he broke down in tears following last season's Finals.

Shaq Does His Own Chinese Beer Commercial | SB Nation

What is kind of funny about this, aside from everything, is the fact that I don't think Shaq even likes beer.

Sonics History: How's This Gonna Work? | Seattle Weekly

Rocker Duff McKagan continues to write good words about his beloved Seattle and considers what would need to happen in order for the Sonics to be restored to his home town.

Ricky Rubio is a Sheer Delight | SB Nation

Yeah, he really is.

Arvydas Sabonis Has a Huge Lollipop | SB Nation


After the jump - is this the dance of the Westeros men or the Braavosi water dance?