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Thunder vs Spurs: Thunder Defense Falls Apart in 4th [Game 1 Video Highlights]

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The Thunder dropped Game 1 tonight in San Antonio. OKC started out the series on the road for the first time during these playoffs, a byproduct of the team's lackluster month of April which cost them the #1 seed. As a result, they had to contend with the Spurs' offensive pressure as well as the Spurs home crowd and in the end could not keep pace in the 4th.

OKC struggled to generate consistent offense throughout the game. The Thunder defense was ready and willing, but defending the Spurs' stretch offense took its toll through the first three quarters. By the time the 4th rolled around, San Antonio began getting open looks and layups, and the Thunder offense could not keep pace. The Thunder big three of Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden all struggled from the field and could not generate the offense needed to stem the Spurs tide, and in the end that was the difference.