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Thunder vs Spurs 2012 WCF Playoff Tickets Presented by TiqIQ

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This post is brought to you by TiqIQ, who provides a ticket aggregating service for Welcome to Loud City. To look at ticket prices for the upcoming game and purchase the best possible tickets for your money, click here.To get an introduction to what TiqIQ is all about, click here.

The Thunder are set to start their series against the Spurs tonight, and there are still affordable tickets available:


Game 3:

  • Ticket prices for Thursday's Game 3 starts at $90.
  • There are currently over 60+ seats available for $120 or less, all of them located in TiqZone 300's.
  • The best overall deals can be found in 300's center prices start at $107 and there are 55 seats available for $200 or less. These ticket range 41% to 66% below market average.
  • Prices for 200 (club) level tickets start at $282, 20 are still available for less than $450, ranging from 3% to 51% below market average.
  • In the 100's levels prices also start at $282, 47% below market price. There are currently 40+ 100 level seats available for less than $500.
  • For those not too worried about price and just want their tickets in their hands as quickly as possible there are 45+ instant delivery eTickets available, with prices ranging from $282-$1600 per ticket.
Game 4:
  • Prices for Saturday's Game 4 starts at $102.
  • Over 60 seats are available for less than $150, once again all located in 300's and ranging from 22% to 56% below market average.
  • Club level seats start at $310, and there are 20+ available for less than $450, ranging from 5% to 24% below market value.
  • 100-level seats start at $420, with 40+ available for $525 or less, ranging from 25% to 36% below market value.
  • 65+ eTickets available for game 2, from $444-$1422.

This is a sponsored post.