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New Thunder Music: The Official Thunder Up Anthem By Ownerz Union

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It's been a wild and crazy year for Thunder songs. We've gone from a Wu-Tang remix that got a Stormchaser fired to a white guy rap to a Maroon 5 re-dub to a Spoken Word poem. But things have gotten really legit with this new song from local rap/hip-hop group Ownerz Union and producer 1 Way Entertainment.

Not only does it have a catchy hook, but there's some really nice rapping sections as well. What they say flows really well with the music, and the lyrics are all pretty much about the Thunder dominating the competition. They describe how our players are really awesome, and brag about the roar of the crowd. They even call opponents out, asking what they're gonna do when we Thunder up on you.

Honestly, this is pretty much the only song I would put on my playlist of music out of all of the Thunder songs so far. Why does this song beat the rest? Because it's original, and it's intense. It's not based off of a popular song, there's no autotuning going on, and it's something that you can actually get pumped to. It doesn't take itself too seriously, but it's not cheesy on the level of something like Space Jam. And above all, I just like it. I'll be bumping this before Game 1 tonight.

So Thunder Up, Thunder Up, Thunder Up, Thunder Uuuup! They're gonna feel it when they play the Thunder!