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WTLC is Calling Out All Thunder Lurkers

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If a Tree Rollins were to fall in the forest and nobody were around to hear him, would he make a sound?

The 2012 Western Conference Finals are upon us. This is the moment for which we've been waiting for the past 12 months. We agonized through a five game loss to the Mavericks, a long summer, a lock-out that threatened the very game's existence, and an expedited schedule where everybody wanted to just get to the playoffs.

We've watched the Thunder dispose of the past two champions, and now they have the Spurs dead in their sites, knowing that a Finals appearance and playoff vindication is on the line. It is the moment when Thunder-nation, uniting together, is ready to explode...

...And we don't even know who you are. Our community at WTLC is a group of people here in our little corner of the Internet that grows by the day. We know that there are thousands of Thunder fans with voices out there, and we yearn to hear from you. There are plenty of you who are passive participants, and that's awesome. We're thankful that you see fit to include WTLC as part of your daily routine, and we hope that you continue.

That said, we're willing to wager that there are hundreds of voices in the nether-space who have all sorts of insightful things to say about the Thunder experience, and we want to know who you are. The more voices we have, the more of an experience and event each game becomes. So we're calling you out to come on in and enjoy the moment.

Take a moment to drop a comment below and say 'hello.' If you want, tell us how you became a fan of the NBA in general and the Thunder in particular. This is me - "I'm Sherman, and I've been an NBA fan for a quarter century and I love watching the Thunder grow and evolve as a team."

Don't be shy, but rather sign up, give us a shout-out, and take a ride on the Thunder community tidal wave. With Game 1 of the WCF a day away, there is no better time than the present to jump in.