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Thunder Alley Supporters to Invade City Council Meeting On Tuesday, Demand Return of Thunder Alley Watch Party

TL;DR: City council meeting is on Tuesday at 8:20 AM on 900 N. Walker. Be there at 8 AM and help bring back Thunder Alley Watch Parties! RSVP on Facebook!

There have been a few "Bring Back Thunder Alley" Groups and Pages on Facebook. One of them is nearly 4,000 strong, and a couple of others are hundreds strong. However, there has been some trouble coordinating efforts. So spread this post to as many people as you know so we can get our message across!

Here's the plan, as I know it:

1. Mail Mayor Mick Cornett at in order to try to get him to change his mind.

2. Mail the Thunder at: and convince them to change their minds!

3. Attend the City Council Meeting on Tuesday and attempt to get them to change their minds. There is currently an event you can RSVP to on Facebook. If you could RSVP and show your support, it would go a long way!

4. Attend the watch party anyway. If we can get thousands of Thunder fans to stand outside of the arena and demand the team turns the screen on, we might be able to get a message across. Obviously the plans of this are tenative and depend on what happens after options 1 and 2 have been exhausted.

Let's keep one of the greatest things that's happened to OKC going!