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OKC Loud Links: Surveying the Landscape

The Thunder and Spurs now have a solid 6-7 days to rest up, do some film study, and prepare game plans for a series that should be loads of fun. I can only hope that Greg Poppovich would bust out his crazy-man beard again. With James Harden on the opposite sideline, that would be phenomenal.

Thunder Player Power Rankings | Daily Thunder

Young rates and ranks each of the Thunder now that Round 2 is done. Durant and Westbrook led the way, which is encouraging because they're the Thunder's two best players. It may sound like a tautology, but a team needs its two best players to actually Be its two best players in order for the team to advance.

Thunder Show Teams How to Rebuild Through the Draft | SB Nation

Clipper Steve writes at the that the Thunder are in the midst of perhaps the greatest draft-based rebuilding project the league has ever seen. I think he's right - you're far more likely to see this kind of rebuild in the NFL than the NBA, where draft legacies can maintain both the best and the worst teams for decades.

Five Questions for WCF | NewsOK

Mayberry covers five questions that could have huge ramifications. To me, a big issue is the last one, involving Matt Bonner.

SAS-OKC WCF RTOE | Hardwood Paroxysm

The HP guys answer a myriad of questions about what to expect in the WCF. They clue in on two of the biggest key match-ups - Parker vs Westbrook and Harden vs Ginobili.

Profiles in Fandom | The Basketball Jones

As he left the dorm that night, Kevin told his roommate, "Something special is going to happen to me tonight." Kevin always said this, but something told him that he was right this time. A few hours later, water bottle filled with vodka that he stashed in one of his shorts' numerous cargo pockets now empty, Kevin was finally right.

Draft Grades: Revisiting 2007 | SB Nation

I'm sure this is a post that every Thunder fan will enjoy and every Trail Blazers fan will weep over. Never the less, history it is, because what we see today started at this particular moment.

Spurs Induced Stockholm Syndrome | Hardwood Paroxysm

I understand where Lynch is coming from. In any other year, the Spurs might be my favorite team to watch and root for. Even if the series does not go the way Thunder fans hope, they're still a great team to root for.

Magic Fire Van Gundy, Lose Key Piece of Puzzle | Sports Illustrated

Lowe argues that the Magic did themselves a disservice by jettisoning Stan Van Gundy. It was apparent that the relationship between he and Dwight Howard was fractured, but who are they going to find that is better suited to coach Howard?

Flagrant Fouls | 8 Points, 9 Seconds

The Pacers-Heat match-up is getting chippy. Wade takes a look at the flagrant fouls that transpired in Game 5 and what the league might do to get control of the situation.

T-Mac is in a Chinese Beer Commercial | Ball Don't Lie

These kinds of things really need to happen more often.