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Early False Reports Say Thunder Alley is No More, Cornett and the Thunder Later Confirm It Is Here to Stay, But in Which Way is Still Unknown

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UPDATE: The Pre-Game Festivities are here to stay, but the watch party has been canceled. However, we are trying to change their minds! Join the Facebook page and email Mayor Cornett at!

Via News 9:

Thunder Alley is no more, according to the mayor of Oklahoma City.

Mayor Mick Cornett says while he supports the idea of "Thunder Alley," he has decided to end the event following the shooting in Bricktown Monday night.

Cornett made the decision after talking it over with the city manager and the chief of Oklahoma City Police.

Cornett also says he hopes to create an alternative way for fans without tickets to get involved, however, no details on that have been released yet.

This news came after news of a shooting nearby in Bricktown following the Game 5 victory against the Lakers. Read the full story here and here.

But, later on, Mick Cornett was quoted as saying:

"Let’s figure it out and make the next gathering bigger and safer than ever."

And the Thunder Confirmed it on Facebook and Twitter:

You might be hearing reports of Thunder Alley shutting down. It’s not true. We are working with the City of OKC and Police Department to make some changes to ensure safety and manage crowds, but the pregame Thunder Alley party will not go away. Thanks to all Thunder fans for your incredible support.

Whew. Total Chaos was just averted. Thanks goes to the Thunder and City government for working together to keep this thing rolling.