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New Video Showcasing Panic After Post-Game 5 Shooting in Bricktown

Via News9:

A new video has surfaced of the event, this time showcasing the actual gunshots and the panic immediately following the event. Pretty scary stuff, with people running for their lives. You can see that the actual area wasn't as crowded as Thunder Alley was, but there were a lot of people in immediate danger.

Police confirmed eight people were shot; one is in critical condition while the other seven sustained non-life threatening injuries. A pregnant woman in the vicinity was not shot, but was taken to the hospital after she was injured by the jostling crowd.

Hopefully everybody survives the event. Again, this was a horrible tragedy. But we all still have a longing for Thunder Alley, and hopefully the crowd outside the arena survives to the conference finals. There will probably be new security regulations in place around Thunder Alley, but I have no doubt Thunder fans will continue to show up in droves. I just hope officials still let you bring your own food and beverages.

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