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OKC Loud Links: Time for a Finishing Move

The Thunder have the Lakers exactly where they want them - down 3-1 and in front of an OKC home crowd that should be as ready as any crowd has ever been. They remember 2010, and tonight they get the chance to help their team cross the checkpoint to make history.

OKC Practice Report | Daily Thunder

The Thunder's 4th quarter defense has been pretty amazing.

3-on-3: Separation Anxiety | Daily Thunder

Does it end tonight? Three experts agree.

Thunder Don't Need to Be Perfect to Win | Bleacher Report

A good word from Mahoney:

Oklahoma City is simply that good. They can fail to click, work through frustrations, and still put away an inferior opponent. That’s the benefit of having two stars that are so outrageously productive (not to mention a third fighting through a tough series), and a supporting cast whose impact pops out on the court, if not on the stat sheet.

Durant, Westbrook Have OKC Looking Like Contenders | Yahoo! Sports

The Spurs are still the superior team, but if OKC can do away with the Lakers, the Thunder still have the advantage of the two most talented players on the court. Is that enough?

In the Running | The Classical

How has Andrew Bynum managed to stay healthy this season? The key may have been as small as altering the way Bynum runs.

Two Things We've Learned About the West | Behind the Basket

This is a reminder of how close we really are to the alternate reality of OKC heading home tonight to try to save their season, down 3-1. The difference is that OKC has Kevin Durant, and the Lakers have Kobe Bryant.

The Thunder's Different Approach to the Clutch | NESN

This was worth noting when James Harden ripped out the Mavericks' hearts, and it is worth mentioning now - one of the big reasons why OKC's stars are so effective is that teams cannot afford to double-team them.

Interview With Nick Collison | HoopsHype

Here is an interview with Nick Collison, glue guy and elder statesman who has perspective on how the Thunder franchise has evolved.

The Optimism of Realizing the Heat Bucked Many Trends | 8 Points, 9 Seconds

LeBron James had a historically great game Sunday afternoon, but is his performance, and the rest of the team's, repeatable?

Poppovich: Mundane Genius | HoopSpeak

Greg Poppovich has been at this game for a long time, and sometimes it is surprising that the biggest keys to his success are the most simple.

The Spurs Move On | Pounding the Rock

The Spurs. They are waiting.

Spurs End Clips' Season | Clips Nation

The Clippers fought to the very end. They never gave in, even despite the obvious mismatch. That is something to build on. Even so, the better team won.