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Thunder vs Lakers: OKC Chases Down L.A. In 4th Again [Game 4 Video Highlights]

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The Thunder put a death lock on the Lakers last night, winning a game in Los Angeles that the Lakers should have owned. LA was on the Thunder from the outset, with a rejuvenated Kobe Bryant working his game inside and outside to generate good looks and foul shots. Meanwhile, Andrew Bynum was handling his business on the interior, and the Thunder for a brief time looked resolved to just head home with a 2-2 split.

Russell Westbrook, however, would not give in to such thoughts. He revved up his engine and kept the Thunder in a game that they should not have been. Never allowing OKC to fall behind by more than 10-12 points, the Thunder went into the 4th down by double digits but with a glimmer of hope. Westbrook became the set-up man, and then handed the ball off to Kevin Durant, who silenced the crowd with a dagger 3-pointer and may have all but finished off the Lakers' spirit, if not the series entirely.