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OKC Loud Links: 2-0...Barely

Last night's Thunder win over the Lakers was not a thing of beauty, but as we have seen thus far in these playoffs, all hopefuls for the crown have to endure the grind. OKC went through it last season in a seven game series against Memphis, and they will continue to be challenged in this way by the Lakers. The Lakers have a blueprint now as for how to slow down the Thunder, so it is incumbent on Scott Brooks and the gang to make the corrections and get the horses running again.

Post Game Nuggets | NewsOK

Mayberry argues that Kevin Durant was way too passive last night. I got that impression too, as there were a number of occasions where he passed up decent looks to give his teammates shots, but those shots weren't any better than the ones KD passed up.

KD Shows Up Big | Daily Thunder

Kevin Durant played passive for most of the night, but then came up big when he had to. Or was that the plan all along?

Thunder Showing Championship Toughness | CBS Sports

Young writes that the Thunder are building on last season's playoff run by dealing with end-game situations in a far superior manner. Remember when we were freaking out a month ago about OKC's late-game offense? In every close game thus far, the offense has delivered.

How Did Blake End Up With the Last Shot? | SB Nation

This topic was a big Twitter discussion immediately after the game ended. Prada does a great job breaking down the play to see what happened. Coach Nick at BBall Breakdown argues this was possibly the worst defensive lapse by a player he's ever seen. What do you think?

Two Minutes of Thunder Ball Wins the Game | Silver Screen and Roll

The Lakers created a game plan that limited the Thunder's opportunity to accelerate the game, and for most of the game, it worked. However, OKC did a great job of staying in the game even though their primary offense wasn't working, and it gave them a shot to recover and win.

Russell Westbrook Rocked Yellow Pantaloons | SB Nation

Kobe had a tough outing, but props to him for maintaining his sense of humor. And yes, Westbrook is definitely trolling us.

Durant's Defense Key to Thunder Hopes | Sports Illustrated

Durant's overall defensive game is a work in progress, but as we saw last night, when presented with the challenge to stop an opposing player, he is growing every game.

Things Getting Chippy Between MWP and Harden | Ball Don't Lie

Great job, refs. You missed an obvious clothesline and then called James Harden for a foul because he had the temerity to allow Pau Gasol to hit him in the back.

Kobe Clutch Takes a Hit | SB Nation

Kobe Bryant has a reputation as a closer and a playoff assassin. What happens when four seasons pass and evidence mounts that he really isn't?

A View From Thunder Alley | Youtube

Here is a great video of Thunder Alley's reaction to Durant's game winner.

Lakers Idiot | Deadspin

Apparently Chicagoans are not a fan of Metta World Peace.

OKC's Halftime Show Draws Interest | SB Nation

The Thunder's halftime show drew some interested spectators and the TNT crew had an impressive response.

Exhausting LeBron | 8 Points, 9 Seconds

Is LeBron James getting worn down? Certainly dealing with heavyweight David West could take its toll.

Celtics Show Offensive Firepower | CelticsBlog

Who would have thought that on a given playoff night, the Celtics would put up 30 more points than the Thunder?