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Thunder Spoken Word Performance: Thunder Up, Son!

Via ProdiJTV on YouTube and GRP Fly Clothing:

As Thunder fans, we've had to deal with some bad music videos. After sitting through things like "Reppin' That Blue and Orange" and "Beard Like Harden", I was losing faith in Oklahoma City's creativity. But finally, a solid piece of work has come through with this spoken word performance of "Thunder Up, Son!".

I know, you could sit here and tell me that the guy has no flow, or the mechanics are wrong, or blah blah. But I don't care. I enjoyed it, and he certainly put in more effort than people remixing terrible pop songs. It kind of reminded me of Desmond Mason's Rap, "We Dem Hornets". If this spoken word could be set to music, it'd be a totally awesome rap.

The only real issue I take with the piece is that he says Derek Fisher will break somebody's ankles. Derek Fisher couldn't break anybody's ankles when he was 24, much less when he's 37. Also, I like how there's an SUV driving in the background at 0:23, and some random guy stumbling in the background at 0:40.