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Thunder vs Lakers: OKC Finds a Way In the End...Again (Game 2 Video Highlights)

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The Thunder defeated the Lakers in a game that was the exact opposite of Game 1. Where the offense once flowed like wine, tonight it chugged through the pipes like sludge. The Lakers came out with a much better game plan and stuck to it throughout, slowing the game down and limiting the number of possessions the Thunder had. As a result, you could sense the Thunder's frustration growing as they continued to rush shots and not get to the free throw line.

The best thing we can say about this game is that OKC persevered again through their struggles to give themselves a chance to win. Their defense played well throughout the game, holding the Lakers to only 30 points in the whole second half. Even with the number of misfires, OKC never fell out of it, and even with 2:08 to play and down 7 points, we knew there was enough time to recover if they made some game-saving plays.

On to Games 3 & 4 in LA.