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RSVP to Every Thunder Playoff Team, Brought to You By TiqIQ CONNECT

WTLC is excited launch, along with our friends from TiqIQ, a new Facebook application called TiqIQ CONNECT.

Using the app, you can now check-in (in advance) to any Thunder playoff game letting your friends know which games you are going to and where you will be sitting... if you’re planning on going... or if you’re just watching from home you can also update that. TiqIQ Connect even provides a thumbnailed seat view on your wall so friends can find you, or purchase a ticket near you.

RSVP to every Thunder playoff game, you’ll be entered to win tickets to the Finals, should they advance.

Just click here to update your RSVP status for the next game- and let your friends know where you’re sitting. You’ll also receive discounts on tickets throughout the season right to your Facebook inbox.

This is a sponsored post.