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Kendrick Perkins Still a Gametime Decision for Game 2 Vs. the Lakers

No one can keep Bynum out of the lane like Perk can.
No one can keep Bynum out of the lane like Perk can.

Via Daily Thunder's Practice Report:

Thunder center Kendrick Perkins was shooting free throws when reporters were allowed out onto the practice area at the INTEGRIS Thunder Development Center. When asked how his big man was doing Thunder head coach Scott Brooks said, "better, he participated in most of the shoot-around. We’ll see how he feels when he comes back to the arena tonight. He’ll be a game time decision."

As any good team would, the Thunder have opted to....not reveal anything, really. I wouldn't be surprised to see Perk sitting or playing tonight. Regardless, he will probably be in uniform, as I don't think Coach Brooks really needs Reggie Jackson on the active roster right now.

If Perk were to be missing tonight, I don't really see that much of a change in strategy. Collison would likely get his spot. Mohammed will likely get more minutes, but I have no doubt in his ability to handle them, even though he's not as good as Perk defensively. It would limit the Thunder's big man rotation to three guys, but it's no thinner than the Lakers rotation is, and I'd like to see Durant matched up against Gasol or Hill at PF. In any case, I don't seeing it affecting tonight's result.

And no, Cole Aldrich still isn't going to play, unfortunately.