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SB Nation Presents: Worst NBA Slogans of All Time

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SB Nation's John Bois combed the nether regions of each NBA franchise's marketing departments to extract some of their most memorable slogans of all time.

The Worst NBA Slogans of All Time | SB Nation

I'm sure that coming up with slogans can be quite difficult, especially since NBA teams tend not to change that much from season to season so you always know, more or less, what to expect.

Here are some of my personal favorites:

  • "One Team, One Goal" - '05-06 Wizards
    The fact that this proud slogan came from one of the most moribund franchises is considerable.
  • "We Are Red Nation" - '09-10 Rockets
    If I didn't know whose team this was, I might have guessed they were talking about Red Aurbach.
  • "True Blue" - '06-07 Timberwolves
    When you think of Minnesota, you usually think of the color blue, right? Is that a good thing?
  • "It's All New" - '10-11 Nets
    It's all new, and it's all going away very soon.
Check out Bois' entire post and let us know which ones are your favorites.