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OKC Loud Links: Game 2 Tonight

We were all over-eager to see how the Thunder would come out on Monday after the extended layoff, and tonight we wonder if the Thunder can continue the dominance they showed. The trouble for the Lakers however is the same one that Dallas had in Round 1 - they just may not have the personnel to match up with the Thunder. Mike Brown and his coaching adjustments will be under the microscope tonight.

Perk is Still Day to Day | Daily Thunder

It might be in OKC's best interest at this point to give Nick Collison the start and see how he fares, with Nazr Mohammed and Cole Adrich backing him up. If the LA front line gets into a grove, then consider bringing Perkins off the bench.

Lakers Need to Contest Westbrook's Jumpshooting | LA Times

This is the second series in a row where apparently the opposing team's defensive strategy involved waiting and hoping for Russell Westbrook to make a mistake.

Fisher Wasn't Sending a Message | NewsOK

Derek Fisher drilled a 3-pointer with just a few seconds remaining in Game 1, but contends that it was more about finishing the game strong than sending a message to his former team.

Metta World Peace Likes Brooks, OKC Ladies | NewsOK

His answers are every bit as incoherent as his name.

Spurs Ground Lob City in Opener | Pounding the Rock

The Spurs controlled the boards throughout the game, which kept the Clippers bigs in check.

Spurs Control Clips in Game 1 | Clips Nation

The Spurs opened Game 1 by winning by 16, but Steve Perrin is optimistic. He saw enough elements present to make him think that the Clippers can make some adjustments to keep the games competitive.

Obama Likes the Thunder, and Everybody Else | The View

This is the first and only time I will be linking to a clip from The View.

LeBron Tentative in the Crunch Again? | Sports Illustrated

If you watched the Eastern Conference slug-fest between the Pacers and Heat last night, you saw some familiar elements pop up in LeBron James' approach as the game wound down. Lowe gives a great analysis here.

Back to Indiana | Hardwood Paroxysm

Without Chris Bosh, are the Heat in trouble? They got very little help from their supporting cast last night, and for a top 3 offense to only score 75 points, the Pacers may have a shot.

The Weekly McGee | Ball Don't Lie

JaVale McGee might be heading to play ball in the Philippines. Of course.

Former Coach Plagiarizes Spurs Message Board | Deadspin

Plagiarization has always been a big no-no, especially for paid writers, but it is insane to think that you could get away from it in this day and age when everybody has access to everything.