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Russell Westbrook, Fashion Icon

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Russell Westbrook walked up to the post-game presser last night with a smile on his face, Sallie Jessie Raphael glasses on his nose, and this shirt on his back:


Yes, those are fishing lures on his shirt, straight out of a Bass Pro Shops catalog Lacoste upscale clothing store.

You can see after the jump that Westbrook actually has some good fashion sense, but likes to hop back and forth between business class and hipster. As for the fishing shirt though, I have to say that if I didn't know any better, I do believe that young Mr. Westbrook is trolling us.

SB Nation's Mike Prada asks, "What if his team lost? Would he still be wearing that?"

I suppose these are the spoils you earn when you are the best player on the court during a 29 point beat-down against the Lakers in the playoffs.

You know what they say..."he don't care."