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OKC Loud Links: Adjusting Expectations?

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Kobe Bryant tried to have his own "Flu Game" last night. He failed. Now the Lakers are looking at disaster, as their long time whipping boys in the Nuggets may have figured out a way to finally overtake them. Could we be in for the Manimal and JaVale McGee's mom in round 2? I kind of think we are.

Perkins is Improving | NewsOK

Scott Brooks says that Kendrick Perkins is improving, but we still have no way of knowing whether he'll be ready to go by next week.

My Zombie Sweetheart | Grantland

OKC native Brian Phillips pens a letter to fans of an erstwhile Sonics team, promising he won't forget about them. If only life were as simple as the Breakfast Club.

Offensive Geometry | Hardwood Paroxysm

Our good friend Ian Levy gives us some great images to look at that depict the Thunder's offensive efficiency. OKC is still ISO-heavy, but watch what happens when James Harden is in the mix.

Why 6th Man of the Year is Bad for Basketball | Bleacher Report

Mahoney writes a great piece here on the increasing meaninglessness of what the 6th Man Award, given to James Harden yesterday, represents. Mahoney speaks from a good place because he has had the pleasure of watching Jason Terry work for the Mavericks for quite some time.

Behind the Box Score | Ball Don't Lie

In which Kobe Bryant realizes that the most important player to his team's efforts to avoid a collapse is a kid in arrested development who now looks like he'd rather be playing basketball on a TV screen instead of a basketball court. Also, the 76ers and Celtics mercifully ended two of the more unwatchable playoff series in recent memory. Naturally they play each other next.

Go Go Gadget McGee | HoopSpeak

It is hard to truly hate on JaVale McGee, even though some of the things he does are truly maddening. Make no mistake though, after Ty Lawson, he is the biggest reason why the Nuggets are about to upset the Lakers.

Kobe Knocks Down the Manimal | SB Nation

Kobe gave a hard foul on Kenneth Faried, and for a moment we were having James Harden flashbacks.

Garnett: The Superstar that Time Forgot | SB Nation

Kevin Garnett enjoyed a bit of a renaissance this season. I personally had him written off, because he looked pretty bad early on. Yet there he was, hitting the game-winning basket against the Hawks. In any event, it's always more fun when KG is involved.

Nick Anderson Flashbacks | Basketbawful

Nick Anderson, former Orlando Magic player, probably hopes and prays that a player will supplant him at the top of the totem of key choking moments. Keep hoping, Nick.

Heat vs Pacers | Hardwood Paroxysm

My head says the Heat, but my heart says the Pacers. I'm getting very strong 2000 Finals between Lakers & Pacers in this one. Miami is clearly the favorite, but an upset isn't outside the realm of possibility.

Stern: Considering Shortening the Season? | CBS Sports

This season has been a whirlwind, but there is no question that by after about 60 games, we knew what we had on our hands. I for one would welcome a shortened season with a little more breathing room in between games.

Bulls Lose | Wages of Wins

The Bulls' season is mercifully done, ending much in the same way as a movie like "Very Bad Things." Interesting ride, likable heroes, but it became so painful to watch in the end you just wanted it to be over.

Chris Andersen Under Investigation | Ball Don't Lie

Yeah, this isn't good.