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OKC Loud Links: Injuries Mount Across the Board

The Grizzlies and Clippers duked it out in another slug-fest last night, and I'm not sure whether we should be happy or sad that those two teams run through the other half of the bracket. In the process of the Clips failing to close it out, both Chris Paul and Blake Griffin sustained injuries that will make the aggressive Grizz all the more ready to knuckle up in Game 6.

Westbrook Gets Back to His Defensive Roots | NewsOK

"Russell Westbrook, Defensive Stopper" has always been lurking as a possibility but never morphed into reality. Until, of course, the Thunder met the Mavericks in the 1st round. The experience confirmed our belief that Westbrook has the physical tools to be one of the top defensive guards in the entire league, but he just needed a little bit better understanding of how to do it.

Sitting, Waiting, Watching | Daily Thunder

Thank goodness for DT's practice reports and Randy Renner, because otherwise we wouldn't know much of anything about what's going on in Thunder HQ.

Miami Clears the Hurdle | Ball Don't Lie

It was just a matter of time before Miami put away the Knicks and their messy season. I think the 2nd round match-up between the Heat and Pacers could be something special.

The New Clipper Nation | Grantland

Simmons wrote this before the Clips fell in Game 5, which on the whole is so Clipper-esque. Simmons is now a part of the quagmire.

Clippers Game 5 Recap | Clips Nation

The Clips crew is none to happy about the loss and the injuries, but the way that the Memphis crowd cheered when Griffin went down pushed them over the edge.

Ryan Anderson is Not Most Improved | Wages of Wins

Here is a good statistical breakdown of how Orlando's Ryan Anderson really stacked up. The whole award for "Most Improved" is kind of nebulous anyway, since usually it is reserved for players who come back from injuries, but this analysis shows it in a bit more detail.

Glen Davis is Not a Loser | SB Nation

Magic forward Glen Davis coins a hashtag for the ages.

There's Always Next Year: Western Conference | Behind the Basket

And what of the Warriors and Hornets of the world?

Kobe's Mask Sells for $67,000 to Benefit Homeless | Ball Don't Lie

No snark, this is just a good thing.

LeBron James and Other Assorted Love Songs | Hardwood Paroxysm

As a long-time fan of Eric Clapton and his various incarnations, I am completely on board with this analysis.