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OKC Loud Links: Thunder Fight For 2-0

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The Thunder took a 2-0 lead over the Mavericks last night, and ever since the final horn sounded I've been asking myself this question - what does it mean in the grand scheme of things? OKC has won two games by a combined four points, and there's a good chance that if they win the series, the combined win differential might be 10 or less. On the one hand, 2-0 is 2-0, and it is against the defending champs. Dallas is shorthanded compared to a year ago, but they are not without their wits and guile. On the other hand, OKC is fighting for wins in ways that the other top seeds are not.

Then again, OKC could be Memphis, so let's not complain too much.

OKC Escapes Again | Daily Thunder

Young wishes that Russell Westbrook would play defense like this all the time. Here is a thought - maybe he didn't realize he could. I don't mean that condescendingly either; I got the same sense mid-way through the season when Westbrook's mid-range jumper really emerged and he acted almost surprised at how well he could do it.

Post Game Quotes | Mavs Moneyball

Scott Brooks and Rick Carlisle used to be roommates when both played in the CBA. Apparently Carlisle seldom shared his $7 per diem.

Post Game Nuggets | NewsOK

This might be my favorite thing that Mayberry has ever written:

"Perk walked up on Dirk. Then Dirk shoved Perk. And Perk "shoved" back. The two had to be separated as they proceeded to call each other everything but a child of God."

The Difference | The Two Man Game

Mahoney writes that while the superstars Dirk Nowitzki and Kevin Durant have had their moments, it has been the secondary guys, Shawn Marion and Russell Westbrook, who have carried their respective teams the best.

Westbrook Leading the Charge | ESPN

Westbrook has been doing just about everything these first two games, operating as both the leading scorer and playing lock-down defense against Jason Terry. His assists are down though, so I wonder what the talking heads are going to be complaining about...

Thunderwhelming | SB Nation

Perrin writes that while the Thunder have held home court, they have not done so in a convincing manner. Even so, Perrin makes a great "Young Frankenstein" reference.

Amare Stoudemire vs a Fire Extinguisher | SB Nation

In a season of weirdness, Amare Stoudemire lacerating his hand while punching at a fire extinguisher is par for the course. This being the Internet, it also spawned a thousand Twitter jokes and more.

Advanced Box Scores: The First 11 | Wages of Wins

Let's check out how everyone is stacking up with 11 games in the books.

Charles Barkley Wins an Emmy | Emmy Online

Charles Barkley is an outstanding TV studio personality. Perhaps this is why TNT brought Shaq in - to enhance Barkley's appeal.

The Rise of the Bosh | SB Nation

Bosh kind of reminds me of Chris Hansen in this animated gif (see after jump).